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Top 10 Fashion YouTubers Every Fashionista Should Subscribe to in 2020

Top 10 Fashion YouTubers Every Fashionista Should Subscribe to in 2020

Do you want to be at the cutting-edge of fashion? Here are the top 10 fashion YouTubers every fashionista should subscribe to in 2020.

With over 160,000 Youtube channels that have over 100,000 subscribers, it’s safe to say that there’s a massive variety of channels to explore on Youtube.

Narrowing down into the fashion niche it becomes even more cutthroat.

Keep reading to discover 10 fashion Youtubers that everyone should be following in 2020.

  1. Zoe Sugg with Zoella

Started in September of 2009, Zoe has been at the YouTube game for 11 years. She’s successfully grown her brand, Zoella to over 11 million subscribers. She covers makeup, beauty hacks, shopping hauls, and a bit of lifestyle behind the scenes.

Zoe also runs her own website, Zoella which was started in her bedroom in Wiltshire, but is now run out of office space in Brighton. We absolutely love her success story! On her website, you can find recipes, lifestyle advice, beauty, style, and even join her book club.

  1. Rachel Spencers with Rach Speed

Rachel runs the ever-popular fashion account, Rach Speed which has 205,000 subscribers. She posted her first fashion video 9 years ago and has grown exponentially ever since. Rachel has great examples of capsule wardrobes and gets creative with fashion she finds around her home.

Rachel runs her own website, although her main focus is still on her Youtube channel. You can shop her looks and her favorite pieces on her website.

  1. Ashley Brooke with Ashley Brooke

With 459,000 subscribers, it’s safe to say that Ashley knows how to play the Youtube fashion guru game. She also runs her own brand and digital magazine, Life by Her, which features her fashion tips.

Ashley runs her own magazine, The Fifth Floor Co, a digital fashion magazine where “Fashion Meets Mindset and Empowered Women Connect”.

  1. Tess Christine with Tess Christine

A Youtube fashion inspiration since 2008 and with over 2 million subscribers, Tess is a must-follow fashionista. She’s based in New York but as a following from around the country and world and she’s known for her classic looks that take an old t-shirt to the next level.

You can find Tess on Instagram with over 755,000 followers. We love the warm vintage tones of her gram which match perfectly with her timeless style.

  1. Naomi Boyer with Style Staycation

Naomi is an icon when it comes to a classic wardrobe that will not only stun at fashion week but work for a casual brunch with the girls. She has over 391,000 subscribers and has been on Youtube for 6 years.

Naomi’s website, Style Staycation, focuses on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content, although her main focus is her Youtube channel.

  1. Shahd Batal with Shahd Batal

With over 275,000 subscribers, Shahd is your perfect inspiration for modest style. Her channel features fashion, travel vlogs, routines, and a variety of lifestyle content.

Shahd is a Sudanese girl raised in Minnesota and she shows us how to level up our sense of style every day of the week.

She’s a bit of an Instagram celeb with over 300,000 followers. Shahd also recently connected with Asos in designing her own style edit.

  1. Maya and Julia with The Line Up

Maya and Julia are a duo based in Stockholm that takes fashion to the next level. With edgy videos that are truly pure art, you’ll want to watch their lookbooks on a YouTube loop just to make sure that you really absorbed everything that they have to offer.

  1. Vanessa Zilleti with Vanessa Zilleti 

All the way from Italy with 346,000 followers on Youtube, Vanessa gives us not only drool-worthy fashion content but an amazing look at her life too.

Vanessa runs her own website where followers can shop her looks or get more in-depth info on her fashion and beauty routines and lookbooks.

  1. Jenn Imm with Clothes Encounters

With over 2 million subscribers, Jenn truly knows how to win the Youtube fashion guru game. Although she specializes in fashion, she also does a variety of lifestyle and digital marketing content. If you’re looking for a well-rounded Youtuber to follow, Jenn’s your girl!

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Jenn has an Insta feed that we’re obsessed with and has clearly mastered the Instagram algorithm with over a million followers. She also has her own shop called Eggie Shop, which features her own fashion line.

  1. Patricia Bright with Brit Pop Princess

Last but certainly not least on our top 10 fashion Youtubers to follow in 2020 list is Patricia. This British beauty has over 2 million Youtube subscribers and her humorous content doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s the perfect Youtuber to watch when you want to find your next H&M or Zara purchase and have a bit of a giggle.

You can also find Patricia on Instagram where she has over one million followers. Patricia is the founder of The Break Social which is a platform for women boss babes hoping to get their big break through digital marketing.

Bonus: Loey Lane with Loey Lane

We couldn’t finish this list without including the stunning Loey Lane. This plus-size model not only specializes in fashion and modeling advice, but she also gives her followers incredibly body confidence videos. With over 2 million subscribers, Loey Lane uses her platform to work with large fashion brands and create clothing for everyone, regardless of size.

You can find Loey Lane on Instagram as @LoeyBug with over 625,000 followers. She’s the founder of Love AnyBody which is a body-positive self-care and skincare line for anyone and everyone.

Find Your Favorite Fashion YouTubers Today

Now that you’ve surely got a Youtube queue of amazing fashion YouTubers to watch, hit play! Following these fashionistas means you’ll be ready for spring with a completely refreshed look.

If you want more fashion advice on everything from makeup to spring accessories, keep reading!


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