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Things You Should Know When Opening a Wedding Dress Shop

Things You Should Know When Opening a Wedding Dress Shop

Do you want to open a wedding dress shop in your city? Perhaps you  already known how to deal with the business licenses, been familiar with the local market and gotten a little financial support. But in addition to these essential factors, what is the other things you also need to know ?Let’s briefly talk about things we need to pay attention to when opening a wedding dress shop.


Product Positioning: There is no doubt that your customers are the brides-to-be. But the budget for the wedding dress is not the same. Perhaps some people would like to pay thousands for an elegant wedding dress, but most ordinary people are probably just willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that worn only once in a life. So, will you choose some high-end brand wedding dresses or the normal wedding dresses that the general public can accept? You need to make a survey carefully, consider the consumers’ consumption level, and combine with the products sold by other local wedding dress shops to position your own price range. To attract the main crowd buying wedding dress in your shop, the price needs special consideration. Not everyone can afford thousands bucks for a wedding dress, or purchasing wedding dress online will not become so popular.

Location & Decoration: When you locate your target groups, the next step is to choose a suitable shop and decorate it according to your personal taste. Selecting a shop is a very important factor. You need to consider the surrounding flow of people, the shop rent and if there is  competition. You don’t want to open the shop in a place where is sparsely populated and full of rivals. Decorate the shop according to product positioning. If you decide sell some high-class products, the shop must be very fastidious. The layout of the window, as well as the floor or tiles need to be carefully chosen. Small details usually can reflect the style of the wedding dress shop. If it is just a small shop for general people, then you need to consider the corresponding issues, such as the dressing room and place of dressing mirrors, etc.

Supply resource: If you want to agent some brand owners’ wedding dress products, you need to contact their sales staff, and then further understand their agency policy. You should consider if you can accept the prices and the additional conditions they give. If you do not want to agent the brand products, and just want to provide high quality and style, or perhaps you have skills in wedding dress design, and want to specialize in your own brand, then you need to find a manufacturer to cooperate. We all know that wedding dresses of markets are mostly imported from overseas, especially from China, for this can effectively help you to save costs and earn more profits. Cooperating with Chinese wedding dress manufacturers, however, is not easy. You need to face many problems, such as minimum order quantity, selection of the design style and material, and manufacturer’s production capacity and credibility. For the shop owners who have small demand, higher requirements on design and quality, wholesaling wedding dress from Suzhou is much better. And the largest and most powerful manufacturer of Suzhou is called Jusere. You can give priority to it.

Product Promotion: When you finish setting up your shop, and have your own supply resource, then what you need to do is to promote your products. You can place advertisements in some local fashion magazines, newspapers and other media. Or you can also consider to use the most popular social media to do marketing, such as Facebook and twitter, etc.. These are all very good platforms, and it gathered a lot of your target audience. You can advertise on it, or build a main account to operate.





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