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Style Crush: Gojko Lojpur

Style Crush: Gojko Lojpur

Our style crush for today is Gojko Lojpur ,he’s a model   from Los Angeles,Follow him on Instagram @above4men  and  @gojko.lojpur

How he describes his style:

I would consider my style as adaptable. I do not have one particular genre of style, but I can easily adapt to any occasion. Whether it be a a day at the beach, night at the club, or casual day buying groceries, my style can change in an instant. I have even started off with an outfit for one part of the day then made small tweaks to the outfit and it becomes a different style. If I were to try and categorize my style I would list it in between trendy and comfortable — I love a good American cut suit, polished oxfords with a nice analog watch, and also I feel great in fitted shorts, slip-ons and a comfortable v-neck. I believe style can represent someone’s personality. My personality is similar to my style because I love experiencing customs of different cultures and learning new things everyday –adaptable. There is no style that I won’t try because you it is the attitude, confidence, and perspective that a person adds to a style that makes it unique and interesting.Bag-Exchange-12 IMG_4493 IMG_4328 Gojko-1


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Photographer: Martin Angelo
Instagram: @photomagicology and @spyology

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