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See That “It Is Good”

See That “It Is Good”

In the book of Genesis, we find a powerful lesson that transcends time and speaks to our own lives today. It’s the idea that goodness exists in every stage of our journey, even before we reach the point of completion. Let’s explore this concept and discover how it can inspire us to be kinder to ourselves, celebrate small beginnings, and embrace the goodness in our daily actions.

God’s Declaration of Goodness: In Genesis 1, we witness the account of creation. As God formed the world and all that is within it, a remarkable pattern emerges. After creating each element, God declares it “good.” This act of proclaiming goodness even before completion teaches us a profound lesson.

Genesis 1:9-11 describes how God called the dry land Earth and the gathered waters Seas, and saw that it was good. Then, God commanded the earth to bring forth vegetation, and it was so. Here, we witness God’s recognition of the goodness in each stage of creation. God acknowledged the value of the land without vegetation, even before it was complete!

God’s Completed Work: Genesis 1:31 provides a climactic moment in the creation story. After completing the entire work, God looks upon everything He had made and sees it as a fully functioning system, perfectly designed. God declares it not just good, but “very good.”

This revelation highlights the significance of appreciating the process and recognizing the inherent goodness in every step, even when we are a work in progress.

Applying the Lesson in Our Lives: We can take this lesson from Genesis and apply it to various aspects of our lives. For example, consider our financial goals. Often, we wait to deem ourselves financially successful until we reach a specific savings target. However, if we adopt the mindset of God’s declaration, we can celebrate each deposit to our savings account, no matter how small, acknowledging its goodness in contributing to our overall financial well-being.

Likewise, in our pursuit of physical health, we tend to measure success solely by reaching our goal weight. But if we shift our perspective, we can recognize the goodness in every choice we make towards a healthier lifestyle. Simply getting up from our bed each day to exercise is an accomplishment worth celebrating!

Embracing Small Beginnings: Zechariah 4:10 echoes this sentiment: “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin!” This verse encourages us to appreciate and find joy in the early stages of our endeavors. Every step forward, no matter how small, is an opportunity to acknowledge and embrace the goodness in our progress.

We need to be reminded that goodness exists in every stage of our journey. Just as God saw the land without vegetation as good before it was complete, we should recognize and celebrate the value in our own small beginnings. Let us be kinder to ourselves, acknowledging the goodness in every step we take, and finding joy in the process. So, let us proclaim with confidence: “It is good!”

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