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Review: Smart Shield Sunscreen

Review: Smart Shield Sunscreen

   The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night -PSALM 121:6 (NIV)

Hey you guys!!!…hope u’r all good..sorry I’ve been so distant, I’m done with my exams now!!I’ll have plenty time to blog!! whoop!!

So I was sent this sunscreen last month but I wanted to use it for a while before I did a review and I LOVE IT!! It’s so needed especially now that the sun is not smiling these days!whatever happened to that teletubbies sun tho’

Why you need sunscreen

Black people need sunscreen too, I don’t get why people believe different….The sun does not discriminate, it doesn’t see if you are a fairer tone or of a darker tone. Anyone can suffer the harmful effects of sun exposure, no matter their complexion, it’s true that those with darker complexions don’t have to worry as much about sunburn as someone with very fair skin, since he/she has more melanin in their skin for natural protection BUT the extra melanin doesn’t guard against the UV damage that accelerates aging and other effects of sun damage, including wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer. It becomes more important for darker skin toned people to wear sunscreen for protection against the sun as darker tones have a higher risk of developing Melanoma. So it is advised to be always protected against harmful UVA/UVB rays, no matter your skin tone!

Everyone would benefit from wearing a sunscreen with atleast  an SPF of 15 at all times, especially if they’re going to be spending a lot of time out in the sun. Buying products that already contain sunscreen-like moisturizers, cosmetics, and lotions-is the most convenient way to make sure your skin is protected from the sun. You should also consider using hair products that contain sunscreen, to protect your scalp.

Why I love Smart Shield Sunscreen

smart shield sunscreen

  • It has a SPF 30+ so it shields u from 97% of the sun rays
  • It blends well.Most sunscreens I’ve used are hard to blend and it leaves this white cast on my skin…sometimes i wonder if it’s for white people maybe on them it won’t be obvious but err…im black!!loool
  • Its light weight
  • It is oil free so i apply on my face before I put on my makeup and since I’ve been using it i haven’t broken out
  • Its fast-absorbing and contains aloe vera and vitamin A, C and E to keep your skin protected, soft and smooth for hours
  •  Its waterproof (so I guess you can go swimming and it’ll still work)

What I don’t like….

The only bad thing I noticed is that the prints on the bottle started to peel off (as you can see in the picture) but that’s not so important sha…its what’s  inside the bottle I’m using….

TIP: You can mix it with your favorite foundation to make your own sunscreen  tinted moisturizer 😀

A lil info about  smart shield

They are based in the U.S, Smartshield is FDA approved and the official sunscreen for the US army and US navy, it was formulated for harsh weather conditions like Afghanistan, Iran, etc. So you are in safe hands ..lool

Where to buy (Click HERE to purchase)

Ebeano supermarket Lekki

Mophet pharmacy

Healthplus pharmacy

Medvac pharmacy

*I RECEIVED this product for free,but the opinions are loyalty lies with you,my readers*

Have A Fantabulous Day

Sayedero Enytan


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