Bye Beauty Blenders! The Diamond Sponge Is Here

For a lot of us the original beautyblender is our holy grail makeup sponge- but- $20 dollars of a product that’s only going to last for 3 months adds up to $80 a year!

Many makeup gurus prefer the bright orange Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge because its less expensive and the sponges have sharp edges and flat sides, which makes them more versatile. Real Techniques’s newest product gives us another reason to shop: it’s produced the cutest sponge we’ve ever seen

The Miracle Diamond Sponge is a marbleized tool that is perfectly shaped like an enormous gem. It boasts 13 facets, which can be used as wedges around the eyes and nose. The pointed end is perfect for concealing tiny imperfections, and the flat top buffs out your finished look. Even better, it can be used wet or dry and it only costs $10!

real techniques diamond sponge 

The Diamond works on both large and small areas of the face, whereas the original size Beautyblender is best for big jobs, but recommends a second, smaller Beautyblender — costing $15 — for tiny areas like the eyes and mouth.

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So the Real Technique Diamond sponge is the real winner here!

* The Real Techniques online store ships worldwide*

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