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POTD: Metallic Flash Tattoos

POTD: Metallic Flash Tattoos

I love tattoos! The only reason why I wont get one is because I change my mind way to easily,plus the ones I love most are the full sleeve ones *yeah that’s never happening*

If you’re like me and you don’t want to make a “commitment* ,temporary tattoos are here!Flash tattoos are a jewelry-inspired design that can make an unexpected statement on any part of the body. The unique pieces naturally last for up to six days, but can be scrubbed off beforehand if need be.

Flash-Tattoo-beyonce-nigeria \Flash-Tattoo-beyonce-nigeria Flash-Tattoo-beyonce-nigeria Flash-Tattoo-beyonce-nigeria

The only downside? The brand cautions that sunscreen degrades the Flash Tat’s adhesive, so one has to skip the SPF in the bedazzled area. That seems a little odd to us given that this is such a popular outdoors look right now.

Already ordered a couple,cant wait to show you guys

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