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Pack Like A Pro For A Fashionable, Unforgettable Road Trip

Pack Like A Pro For A Fashionable, Unforgettable Road Trip

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A recent survey from the Vacationer revealed that 80% of Americans want to go on a road trip in 2022. This year is all about saying goodbye to cabin fever and hello to new experiences, and a road trip is the perfect way to do both. Here is everything you need to know about planning and packing for a road trip in 2022 – from outfits to gas.

Clothes And Shoes Fit For A Long Drive
When you’re confined to a car seat for hours (or even days) at a time, you’ve got to dress comfortably. This is an opportunity to flex your finest cute-but-comfortable outfit compilation skills, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing drive without needing to constantly fidget or make adjustments.
If you’re driving over the course of several days, chances are the temperature is going to fluctuate. That means wearing layers and clothing that can be modified for cooler or warmer temperatures at short notice. Whether you’re doing the driving or not, wearing comfortable, breathable pants will provide support and minimize the risk of chafing. A fitted top over a vest with a soft jacket is also a great idea as you can shed layers or add them without feeling bulky and overdressed. Flat, reliable shoes like sneakers or worn-in boots are important for spontaneous walks or roadside explorations, and an emergency scrunchie may save your hair from windswept entanglements.

Cars, Gas, And Maps
Although the practical elements of road trip planning can be boring, they’re essential for a successful drive. Make sure the car you’re driving has been recently checked over by the local mechanic for optimal functionality, and the tank is as full as possible to curtail stops to the gas station. The continuous inflation of gas costs might be scary, but it’s far scarier to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car. Remember, gas can sit in a car for roughly three to six months before going bad, so even if your trip is just a few days or weeks long, that gas will be well worth the price.
When it comes to maps, you’ll want to rely on something other than your smartphone. Yes, Google Maps is the modern pinnacle of road navigation, but if your phone dies or your connection drops, you’ll wish that you had pre-written instructions or paper maps to get you safely to your destination.

2022 Is The Year Of The Road Trip
For the first time since March 2020, interest in road trips has returned to its peak. As the world dips its toes into post-lockdown travel freedom, road tripping is projected to be one of the most popular forms of both domestic and international travel for the year 2022 – and maybe even beyond.
A good road trip means getting to enjoy an immersive, ground-level travel experience, brimming with opportunities for spontaneous photoshoots and off-road amblings.
Affordable, accessible, and fueled with adventure, it’s no surprise that people are putting down the plane tickets and planning an action-packed drive with those they love most. With these tips, you can do the same, and look good doing so!

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