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Not Everytime Banana Powder!

Not Everytime Banana Powder!

It is official! I am sick and tired of every pretty young lady and mummy wanna-bubble(yummy mummy) in Lagos having white and ashy faces all in a bid to join the contouring and highlighting struggles.

Highlighting and contouring is a makeup technique to create light and dark areas to sculpt and shape the face (in a few words, accentuate those parts of the face we like to show off and of course give us snatched noses like Jackson).

The Ben Nye powder is one of the most popular powders used for achieving this technique but one important detail our favourite makeup artistes leave out is that it comes in different shades (to match different skin tones)

Here is what those makeup artistes did not tell you about Mr. Ben Nye and his powders

Ben Nye Loose Powders are divided into 2 main categories:

  1. Classic Translucent Powders
  2. Luxury Powders (Bella for lighter shades and Mojave for darker shades)

They come in 3 sizes:

  1. 5oz/ 42gm sifter bottle
  2. 0oz/ 85gm sifter bottle
  3. 8oz/ 226gm jar no sifter

Ben Nye Classic Translucent Powders are silky translucent shades that provide a matte finish with just a hint of colour. They retain the intensity of bright and dark shades and enhance, maintain and build intensity of skin tones.

banana 1

  1. Neutral Set Translucent Powder is a colourless powder that blends with all skin tones and its special formula controls perspiration with no colour alterations.
  2. Super White Powder is Ben Nye’s only non-translucent powder that contains a bright white pigment to brighten White, Geisha, Porcelain, and other very fair shades.
  3. Fair Translucent Powder is a subtle peach-tone that blends naturally with fair, peach and pink skin tones.
  4. Pretty Pink Translucent Powder warms shallow tones and adds a healthy glow.
  5. Topaz Translucent Powder is a subtle shade for olive-brown complexions with golden undertones. Excellent over natural olive and lighter shades of the Sahara Series – neutral brown.
  6. Coco Tan Translucent Powder is a warm olive-tan that naturally complements mid-brown complexions.
  7. Sienna Translucent Powder is a rich, golden-brown shade coordinated beautifully with richer skin tones. Natural over mid to deep Sahara shades.
  8. Chestnut Translucent Powder is a warm neutral brown with a golden caramel mahogany tint.
  9. Sable Translucent Powder is a deep brown with red mahogany tint.
  10. Ebony Translucent Powder is a darkest deep neutral brown.

Ben Nye Luxury Powders are ultra neutral powders, which provide superior matte and subtle finishing.

  1. BELLA(sets foundation, reduces shine and enhances light and medium skin tones, it is translucent with a hint of colour)banana 2
  • Cameo
  • Buff
  • Beige Suede
  • Banana
  1. MOJAVE(sets foundation, reduces shine and enhances olive and brown skin tones, it is translucent without a hint of chalkiness/white cast)banana 3
  • Camel
  • Dolce
  • Olive Sand
  • Clay
  • Nutmeg
  • Dark Cocoa
  1. Cameo Luxury Face Powder is translucent pink beige.
  2. Buff Luxury Face Powder is translucent beige with pink tones.
  3. Beige Suede Luxury Face Powder is translucent beige with brown tone.
  4. Banana Luxury Face Powder is translucent beige with yellow tones (the most famous one used).
  5. Camel Luxury Face Powder is a translucent yellow golden tan.
  6. Dolce Luxury Face Powder is a translucent orange golden tan.
  7. Olive Sand Luxury Face Powder is a translucent deep warm tan.
  8. Clay Luxury Face Powder is a translucent golden deep tan.
  9. Nutmeg Luxury Face Powder is a translucent golden orange dark tan.
  10. Dark Cocoa Luxury Face Powder is a translucent warm deep dark tone.

You can find the different shades in Nigeria  here and here (Search for “ben nye powder”)

Hope this information will be useful on your next trip to buy makeup. As usual make sure to tag us @thefashionengineer and @anukomolafe when you discover that shade that works for you.

Love, Anu…xx


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