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2017 Top Makeup Trends and Accessories

2017 Top Makeup Trends and Accessories

New makeup trends and stylish accessories are a great way to change up your look and try something a little different. There is nothing like a bold new shade of lipstick that will put a spark in your strut for a night on the town. With each season comes new cosmetics accessories trends and the summer of 2017 is no exception. Here are some hot picks, tips, and tricks to keep you on-trend this season.

Skincare Infused Products

From face creams, body lotions to foot creams, skincare infused products are the rage. With built-in priming properties, long-term benefits for the skin and immediate hydrating effects, you can’t go wrong.  No matter what your makeup style is, everything looks better on healthy, beautiful skin.


Has been around for some time, but this season is bringing a change to the illumination style, moving from a naturally glowing skin to metallic, chrome and extreme two-tone shades. For blush, brighter pinks and oranges are super trendy and fresh.

Glossy Eye

The glossy eye is making a comeback this summer! All over the runway this year, the glossy eye looks best when used with a heavy metallic shade cream eye shadow. Eye gloss cream can also be used to add an instant, wet look effect.

Blurred Lip

This is such a unique and neat look that makes a perfect finish to a fresh, stylish outfit. Lip lines get artfully smudged with the lipstick applied to the center of the lips and blending outwards into a blurry, faded effect around the lip lines.

As a professional tip, always remember to clean your makeup brushes once a week to prevent bacteria buildup and to provide a better application to your skin. If you need to pick one eyeshadow color this season, go for a rich hued metallic and shop online for MAC makeup sale Australia  to find the best deals.

Hair Accessories

For hair accessories this season, sparkly and bold is taking over. Gold headbands and tiaras adorned with gemstones and rhinestones dominated the runway this year. Floral hair accessories are a super trend this season and absolutely perfect for summer. From fascinators with bold red flowers to crowns of blooms to frame the face, flower power is in.

Another feminine hair trend is the return of big bows. Offering a striking, yet girlish look, bows are fantastically eye-catching when tied at the top of the head or slightly angled to the side.

New makeup trends are fun and exciting. Always give every color a chance – even if you are convinced that it may not be your shade, you may just be pleasantly surprised. And always, always finish your look with a fresh coat of your go to mascara! I prefer eyelash extensions so no mascara needed .Found a eyelash extension training company you should check out


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