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Jewelry Trends of 2020 That Will Add Style to Your Accessory Game

Jewelry Trends of 2020 That Will Add Style to Your Accessory Game

  • Take a look at these jewelry trends of 2020 to add style to your wardrobe, and take your accessory game to the next level.

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year so far, but now that we’re about halfway through, you might be thinking about finally going out and getting dressed up once again. Have you been keeping up with the 2020 jewelry trends so that you’re not left behind?

Summer is the best time to style jewelry in all kinds of fun ways. With more skin exposed, you have so many more options to glam up. 

Keep reading for some of our favorite jewelry trends for this year and a few jewelry fashion tips for when it’s time to style them. 

Single or Mismatched Earrings 

This trend is coming back at you straight from the 80s and we’re here for it. 

The trend of the single dangly earring isn’t a new one, and it’s not just for women. People of all genders have embraced this cool and almost edgy look. 

For this, you need one medium-large earring that’s in a fun style. If you’ve got some already in your collection you’re set! If not, go out and buy a flashy pair. 

Pick your favorite ear (we suggest whichever one is on the other side from your hair part) and you’re good to go. For styling, this is a great time to wear a more fitted style of clothing and to keep your hair up and away from your ears.

The mismatched earring trend is a sister to the single earring trend. For this, you just need two similar but still different earrings. Wear them like a matching set! 

Themes are cool for this if you have them, like a sword and a shield, or a flower and a bee. 

Style these with a subdued outfit and see if anyone notices the mismatched ears!

Mixed Metals

While it’s often the style to keep everything in one tone (any other “rose gold only” people out there?), getting a little creative with your jewelry combos is in right now. 

Whether you’ve got yellow gold, rose gold brass, silver, or any other kind of metal in your collection, you can pair them up to your heart’s desire. No longer are you restrained to a single monochrome set. 

The gold and rose gold trends have been going on for the past few years, but if you need some extra silver jewelry styling tips, we’ve got you covered there as well. 

For mixed metals, we think they look best with a monochrome outfit or on a day where you’ve got some skin to show off. These are great for a trip to the boardwalk or oceanside. The mixed metals give almost a glam pirate look. 

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Pearls aren’t just for your grandma’s jewelry box anymore. These cool, aquatic little stones are back in a big way.

Pearls have always been classy and they make their rounds every few years. You don’t need to stick with the long flapper necklaces or the delicate pearl earrings; they’re coming to you in the forms of rings, chokers, and even body jewelry. If you’re a pierced-up jewelry wearer, some high-end brands have you covered in the pearl department. 

Pearls are neutral in color, meaning they can go with everything. We like them dolled up with a cocktail dress in black or a bold monochrome look.  

How Are You Going to Style Jewelry This Year? 

Get your jewelry out of hibernation and try out some of these cool 2020 jewelry trends. There are plenty of ways to style jewelry and these styles are all flexible to fit your vibe. 

Whether you’re edgy and chic or classic and subdued, you can make these looks work for you. 

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