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Hair: Ivy Powell’s Flip Over Method

Hair: Ivy Powell’s Flip Over Method

I was looking for a way a make a wig without a closure and at the same time not having to leave my hair out,I don’t know if you are aware my hair is natural (4C) so its quite difficult to blend with a weave.

Then I discovered the flip over method,I didn’t make a video because I could swear I was doing rubbish but it came out really well

IMG_7240 copy

To get the curls I used my Remington curling wand   then used bobby pins to hold the curls in place for about two days then I brushed it out with my fingers

This is the same hair I received from Blush hair services last year,below is the tutorial on how I colored it

The hair has started to shed but it still holds up well,I just pack it to the side so it looks full.I’m definitely not getting rid of it anytime soon

This is the tutorial I followed when making my wig 🙂

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If you have any questions,please leave them in the comment box 😀

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