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‘House of Versatile Styles’ Introduces Beauty Line ‘HVS Beauty

‘House of Versatile Styles’ Introduces Beauty Line ‘HVS Beauty


Introducing ‘HVS BEAUTY’ a limited edition beauty line; a collection of must have beauty products. The collection is inspired by the brands head designer’s love for classic, regal and natural beauty looks. HVS Beauty will be released in collector’s edition style with HVS Star, a four in one color eye, brow palette, and HVS Star Rejuvenator as its first release.

The release of this beauty line will surely be every woman’s go- to brow kit. The sharpening effects, along with the extra effective tools, help achieve perfected brows, down to every last strand. Delve into HVS Beauty’s Star Collection for brow beautification.

 – Bukola Are, HVS Designer

Watch the brow tutorial below

HVS BEAUTY is available now online at and in select stores.


Created for women who defy fashion trends, expressing themselves through their distinctive sense of style, the HVS lifestyle is designed to inspire a sense of self-assurance and vitality in the women who wear HOUSE OF VERSATILE STYLES.

 The brand is driven by Bukola’s sophisticated, playful, and bold vision. The collection achieves a timeless aesthetic, which serves every woman through its integration of classic with experimental elements.

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