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Fashion Comes In Many Forms

Fashion Comes In Many Forms

Repurposing Clothing Styles

Style has a cyclical nature to it. Just look at historical trends. You’re going to see periods when in a certain society, it became chic to totally cover the body. You’ll see these bracketed by periods of surprising openness. Just look at England. Bosom-enunciating corsets were all the rage before Queen Victoria’s reign.

Today represents a strange time for fashion. The color purple is often associated with royalty. The reason is that historically, sourcing this color was very difficult. But today, synthetic methods of coloration coupled with technological advancement make any color attainable.

As a result, societies the world over are waking up to means of expression previously impossible.

It’s possible today to wear a three-piece suit in professionally designed tie-dye. You can couple finely made furs with nylon. Granted, some fashion ideals are a little bit over-the-top. Perhaps Lady Gaga can afford to keep a meat dress in the freezer, you probably don’t have those kinds of resources—and if you do, why would you use them that way?

While it’s true there are fashion trends less than ideal, there are also many things you can do that you may not have considered. Look at the warm-up jacket, as a for instance. These are usually designed for teams, but need not apply solely to them.

The Warm-Up Jacket

If you can find somewhere that sells warmup jackets, you’re likely to be able to customize them as precisely suits your needs. According to, you’re going to want “warm up jackets [that] are completely customizable.” This site offers them, and they’re not alone. When it comes to warm-up jackets, this is the norm rather than the exception.

Oftentimes a team is going to want to practice in colors which are related to those worn on the field during game day, or in the gym when the meet comes, or on the court when the volleyball net is officially unrolled. This has a psychological advantage to practice which subconsciously encourages more concerted effort before official events.

As a fashionista, you can use this to your advantage. Since there’s such an onus on game day and pre-game attire, it’s easy to have these things ordered to your specifications. What’s more, such warmup jackets can be configured such that they match other elements of your wardrobe, or reflect you and who you are intrinsically.

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The thing about style today is: it’s always in transition. The transitions come faster, more jarringly, and more regularly than ever. But what they have in common is: today, everything is available to everybody. You can really mix and match. You can pick and choose. How you feel one day, as expressed through fashion, is somewhere in the world the height of style.

Granted, it may not be the height of style in your particular neck of the woods, but you could be on the front edge of a trend. Also, regardless of how trendy your ultimate ensemble ends up being, today you can look good, feel comfortable, and spread influence just by your clothing choices.

Finding The You You’re Looking For

There is little more durable or interesting to the eye than a warmup jacket properly paired with a top and bottom combination of the right coloration. Whether you want muted tones or loud, discombobulated arrangements, the possibilities are definitely extensive.

If you have yet to sit down and look through the options available online via clothing companies offering things like warmup jackets, now might be the perfect time to learn just how much customization you have available at your fingertips.


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