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The Chicest Hen Weekend Destinations from Europe that You Will Fall in Love with

The Chicest Hen Weekend Destinations from Europe that You Will Fall in Love with

Yes, chicest is a real word and in this case, it means that you will absolutely fell in love with the most chic destinations for a hen weekend in Europe.

Why a hen weekend?

Because it’s your duty, as the bride’s best girlfriend, to offer her the time of her life before tying the knot. If the guys will have their own bachelor party, why shouldn’t you treat yourselves with an awesome hen weekend away from home.

That’s the key really: going for a whole weekend abroad. Try new and exciting things. Remember this time as the best you’ve ever had.

And everything in the chicest way possible!

Let’s see what this is about.

Hen Weekend Ideas: Where, When and How Much?

If you’re in charge with planning everything, then it’s your lucky day. This article will give some insight over the whole plan-it-by-yourself hen weekend.

First of all, you’re not alone. You don’t have to do all by yourself, because there’s an easier way.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now: yes, there is an easier way, but it’s going to cost me a lot.

Au contraire! It’s going to take a weight off your chest and the budget will also be lighter. How is this possible?

Think about it this way:

  • You have to invite some people, yours and the brides’ closest friends
  • You have to set an estimative budget for this kind of trip
  • You’ve got to establish a destination that fits everybody’s acceptance
  • You have to buy the flight tickets and to book the proper accommodation for everybody
  • You have to browse some cool activities that fit your budget and are different from your usual wine and dine

And this is only the beginning. There are a lot of “have to’s” for only one person, who enjoys to have fun just like any other woman.

Why bother with this whole planning nightmare, when it’s so much easier and cheaper with a special company who’s willing to give you options and discounts.

Yes, there are professional companies who plan only stag and hen weekends, they have the whole thing arranged in their specific destinations and your job is only to choose what fits the best.

Isn’t that the best way, or what?

So…where are you going for the hen weekend?

That’s one thing you have to decide by yourself, taking everybody else’s pulse for this specific destination. But it’s not that bad, because there are plenty chic destinations for you to choose. Here are some of them:

  1. Ayia Napa – fun in the sun and crystal-clear water for an exotic and chic adventure
  2. Budapest – the best way to mix culture and fun in one city
  3. Krakow – chic relaxing time at the spa or funny dance classes in one single urban environment
  4. Paphos – it’s beach time! Get your watersports gear and head to this wonderful Cypriot jewel
  5. Prague – it’s not only about the beer (but if you like it, that’s a bonus), but about a wonderful urban experience altogether

There are plenty more to say about each of the above-mentioned locations, but I’ll let the Eventhuse team to spark your curiosity even more. Browse the hen weekend packagest at and see for yourself what awaits you and the bride on this really special occasion in her life.

Chic till the end, ladies!


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