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Buying a Watch: The Top Tops to Buy One That Suits Your Style

Buying a Watch: The Top Tops to Buy One That Suits Your Style

Are you looking to buy a new watch? If so, check out this guide to learn the top tips for buying a watch that suits your style.

Did you know that a Rolex starts at $5,000? Some may say that you’re paying for the brand, but more than that, you’re paying for the quality of craftsmanship, engineering, precision, extensive testing, and service. 

The level of attention to detail in Rolex watches are noticeable. They exude a certain kind of charm and elegance that make them stand out from the rest.

Manufacturers put so much thought into making a watch. Buying a watch should involve the same level of care. As a buyer, it’s your responsibility to be cautious about what you’re buying, too. 

Follow these tips to learn how to choose one according to your style, budget, and preferences.

1. What or Who Are You Buying It for?

Your purpose in buying a watch would determine what type of watch you should look for. 

If it’s for daily wear, for example, you would need something sturdy to withstand all the bumps and moisture you would subject it to. It also helps if it has a low profile so you can use it with any style, whether you’re going to work, the bar, or church.

For special events, it’s only appropriate that you get something special, too. If you want something more technologically advanced, a smartwatch becomes an option. 

The choice of the watchband, material, and size would all depend on your purpose and your style. 

2. Choose Your Ideal Type

Watches have three main movement types: automatic, mechanical, and quartz.

The average Joe would likely have a quartz watch. This is the one that uses a battery, which sends electricity through a quartz crystal. The crystals vibrate, which a circuit then measures and converts into pulses, which moves the second hand. You may be familiar with these pulses – they form the distinctive “tick” sound.

A quartz watch is more accurate than the other types of watches due to its reliance on electricity. It’s more suitable for daily wear as it’s also more durable. If you’re a laid-back type of person, then this type is your style.

If you want something more sophisticated, something that exudes charm and delicate craftsmanship, look for automatic and mechanical watches instead. These are the ones you would wear to special events and when you’re dressing up.

A mechanical watch doesn’t need any battery – you’ll only have to wind it up using a mainspring. It doesn’t “tick;” rather, it the hand moves smoothly.

A part of its charm is the hours and hours of manual work put into the gears inside your watch. This is one of the reasons why it’s so expensive, not considering the materials used in the watch. 

Automatic watches are self-winding. They do this using a rotor, a small weight that connects to the mainspring, inside the watch that depends on your wrist’s movement throughout the day. 

This explains why you have to put it inside a watch winder when you’re not wearing it so it doesn’t stop. 

Like mechanical watches, automatic ones feature the same amount of craftsmanship and engineering. They also have smooth hand movements.

The downside of both options is that they’re more sensitive to the environment, hence you have to use them with extreme care. They’re better suited for special occasions for this reason. They’re expensive watches, too, especially if you buy one with great accuracy.

And that’s another downside. A good mechanical or automatic watch can be 99.99% accurate, but that will taper off in the long run. You may have to rewind now and then to update it.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

An average person would only need a good, sturdy watch to go to meetings, dates, and parties with. They may go to the gym on occasion, but nothing too daring.

Some people, however, might need a watch that can support their lifestyle. The more active ones may need more features other than being able to tell time with accuracy and looking good.

Swimmers might need something they can take to the pool and has a stopwatch function. A mountain climber needs a watch with extra protection from the elements and bumps. 

Consider these things when you’re choosing which style to buy.

4. Look at the Value Rather Than Price

Choosing a watch is not always about the style – it’s also about the price. Although you can get a watch that fits your style for cheap, what matters more is its value.

How do you determine the value of the watch? Aside from the price tag, look at its craftsmanship, the number of times you’ll use it, and how much it makes you happy.

A $100 watch, for example, that you would use every day has great value. A $100 watch that you don’t use as much doesn’t have the same value.

Let’s compare two watches:

Watch A: a $100 watch that you don’t like that much but fits your budget. Watch B: a $200 watch that you would use daily, even to special events, but way over your budget.

Between watch A and watch B, which do you think has a higher value? It’s watch B.

Nice watches can last you decades – it’s one of the few things that are always worth your hard-earned money. Always go for a high-quality model that you would love wearing. 

This is why second-hand luxury watches are still a good buy. Although they have led many years, it can still serve you for decades to come without losing their appeal. This watch company, for example, can offer you Rolex watches that are high in value for a lower price (thereby increasing its value further).

5. Buy From a Trusted Brand

There’s a reason why Rolex is the go-to brand when you want to buy a luxury watch. It offers elegance, sophisticated craftsmanship, and durability all in one package.

Every price range has a Rolex; if you’re a bit unsure where to buy from, looking at the watches from such brands would be a great first step.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should only buy from these brands. There’s a lot of underrated, good watch brands and newcomers in the industry. The best way to find these is to look at reviews online.

6. Read Reviews Online

Before committing to a watch, look for some reviews online from people who have already used it. This will prevent you from making an expensive mistake. You may even get better suggestions from reviewers.

It’s also a good idea to look up its photos and see how others used it according to their style. You will get a lot of ideas from fashion blogs and watch enthusiasts, as well.

Know More About Buying a Watch

Buying a watch is buying a companion for life (if we’re optimistic). This explains why people in the past would only have one watch. At that time, you buy with the expectation that it might become an heirloom one day.

There’s nothing wrong with this kind of thinking, so make sure you only buy quality watches. Know more about watches by checking out our other guides today.

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