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The Best Alternative For Surgical Mole Removal

The Best Alternative For Surgical Mole Removal

Mole is benign growth, which can be bumped or on the surface of the skin. You can get moles at the time of birth, might be hereditary reasons or they can appear at any point of time in life. They are usually brown or black,usually,round, they could be hairless, or one or two hair is sprouting out of it.

These brown growths are called beauty marks or moles on the face or body. There are many easiest and effective ways getting rid of them, getting lightened or faded away rather than surgery. Moles are not infectious at all rather at times usually a person feels conscious or have a low self-esteem and figure out ways and means to get rid of it.

The most effective natural remedies for Mole Removal are:

Usage of Apple Cider Vinegar on the Mole

The vinegar’s acidic nature can help is the tissue of the mole and yet it doesn’t bring any harm to the skin where it is applied. This is one of the safest ways to remove moles.

Fruit Peels and Essential Oils

Similarly,usage of Banana peels, tea tree oil,grapefruit juice, Aloe Vera gel, half a bit of garlic and leaving it overnight wrapped in a bandage gives relief. This application using with the help of dousing cotton balls works miracles on skin tags, moles, and warts.

Application of Sunscreen Lotions

There are various good and effective Sunscreen lotions, which should be a part of your routine. Yes, they are essential for your skin and keep you away from various hazardous caused by the sun rays.

Effects of Home Remedies

The key to all these home remedies requires continuous patience as healing and getting long lasting relief through these measures takes time & the best part is they are very safer as compared to surgery if the moles are not- cancerous.It is always wise to check with the good dermatologist for concrete advice medically.

Mole removal cream are not always safe, except when they are natural ones like the homoeopathic formulations.

They are chemicals applied on the skin which can lead to scars and is more extravagant and risky than measures mentioned above yet less expensive than surgery.

These creams ought to be utilized with the alert.

My Personal Experience!

I would like to share my experience of getting treated for moles removal surgery for my face from a very renowned dermatologist clinic. After prior anesthetic application to keep the mole numb, Surgery normally started by laser pricking needles which ideally burn that particular mole or affected the area.

That later caused redness on my face after surgery for a good span of time and the moles got dried in few weeks’ timeline.Dermatologists prescribe adequate precautions and a series of ointments are supposed to be applied.In a month time, the moles faded for few days which gave a relief to me, but it was very short-lived. They started reappearing again very soon leaving me very disheartened.

Following the remedies and best of the alternative suggested by my well-wishers gave me relief which was long lasting and rooted out my cause of worry and gave me a skin which was more toned, healthy and glowing.

After seeing the positives and good results of natural products and herbal remedies, the best alternatives suggested to me seems the best bet!

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