Beauty 101 from a Mom Teaching Her Daughter

I’ve never had to teach ‘beauty’ before.  I never thought I would.  The thing is I’ve learned a thing or two in my 30+ years on this earth, I’ve struggled with things, I’ve done a lot of things well.  After having my beautiful daughter and watching her grow and reach a point in her young life where she is excited about looking pretty, picking out clothes and yes starting to dabble in makeup (organic healthy makeup that is good for her young skin) I’ve realized that we are so much alike.  I see her experimenting with things and it’s so fun to watch.  At the same time, what’s the point of being a mom if you can’t help your child shortcut a few of life’s challenges?  That’s a long winded reason why I’ve decided to share with her my beauty tips and help her shortcut her learning curve.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping her innocent curiosity, her experimentation, her passion – more just helping her with some tips that she can take or leave at her sole discretion.  With that being said here’s what I’m teaching her.

Take Care of Your Skin Now

There is no time like the present.  You don’t realize how flawless and perfect your skin is when you are young, and it’s so easy to neglect it.  Beautiful healthy skin is probably the most important beauty secret there is.  It’s hard to improve your skin once you get older and have neglected it.  No amount of Botox, or wrinkle remover can ever compare to healthy, vibrant smooth skin.  Wear your sunblock even if you don’t think you need it (you do).  Make a moisturizer with SPF apart of your morning ritual so that you always have sunblock on.  Even in the winter.  Take care of your skin.

Take Care of Your Body Now

Your figure is certainly something you need to watch at a young age.  I’ve always struggled with my weight and I realize that I let it get out of hand when I was younger.  It’s been an uphill battle ever since.  Establish healthy exercise patterns that you carry with you for your entire life.  Your figure is an important part of looking and feeling beautiful.  You can avoid the yo yo diets and all the weight loss fads if you start watching your body and figure EARLY.  Please don’t mistake this for being paranoid about your weight or obsessing to the point of anorexia but simply eat healthy foods and make a point to exercise.  That’s all.  You don’t want to obsess where you are wanting to undergo liposuction or anything like that later in life.  Some fat is good fat.  There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery in my book only if it truly helps you feel better about yourself.  For me the only procedure I’ve ever had done was a breast augmentation in Baltimore when we lived there because my breasts needed to be restored back to my pre-pregnancy state.  Don’t neglect your body.

Fashion is All About The Shoes

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Clothes are important.  They make you feel good about your figure, your overall presentation but shoes are the differentiators.  Whether you are in Tenny’s, pumps, flats or sandals make sure your shoes are cute, fashionable and comfortable.  Don’t sacrifice style for comfort, you’ll be miserable and everyone else will notice.  You can wear more affordable clothing paired with expensive shoes and the whole outfit looks really high end.  Always be on the lookout for cute unique shoes!

I could go on and on… but the points I’ve described here are enough to help you not make any long term mistakes.  Focus on your skin, your body and then after that, the simple but effective secret of always having killer shoes will be the icing on the cake that makes your fashion and beauty stand out.

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