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Athleisure: All you need to know about it

Athleisure: All you need to know about it

As a woman, finding the right outfit to wear to the gym can be a challenging act. It has been spotted that dressing provocatively in the gym would draw unwanted attention. At times, it may also obstruct your workout session.

Finding the right apparel to suit your comfort level, gym’s dress code and personal styling may demand a few attempts. But once found, you may work out in the gym without having to worry about your clothes.


To ease out your search for the right clothes for gym and yoga sessions, you may try athleisure wear. The revolutionized fashion industry has been tailoring athleisure wear for the past 20 years, which can be comfortably worn by all. It does not just make yoga and gym sessions convenient but you can head to the office, without batting an eyelid.

What exactly is Athleisure wear?

Athleisure word is an amalgamation of “athletic” and “leisure”. Although they might sound to be in contradiction with each other, this wear helps the athletes to maximize their performance. It provides a comfortable, catchy, stretchy and athletic-look so that you may feel comfortable even while sweating out in the gym.

It has a wide range of options available to allow you room for a strenuous but enjoyable workout. Apart from sweatshirts and tank tops, it has a pretty broad spectrum that would cater to your needs. It is made of materials that provide room for movement.

Today, it can be worn almost everywhere and every day. It’s the kind of sportswear which fits our fast-paced world. It has stormed the fashion industry to another level. All sorts of people now don athleisure wear with grace and elegance.

Snug Athleisure Items

Athleisure is the new classy and comfy-chic style that works for both your workout and out-of-office adventures. The trendy athleisure wear has taken the fashion and Hollywood industry by a storm. The famous models and actors such as Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, Tammy Hembrow and others have been spotted donning athleisure wear from head to toe.

Check out the following athleisure items and find one for yourself, which could be worn pretty much everywhere.

Cloudknit Sweatpants

The cozy cloudknit sweatpants will fit snuggly enough to make you throw away your previous low-quality sweatpants. They are soft and high-rise sweatpants, which can be worn at any hour of the day.


Ladies, if you had been looking for an alternative option for shrugs then just grab this one and enjoy your all-day-long journey. These are designed keeping in mind the different schedules and tasks, which women are required to follow in day-to-day life. It is more classy than the hoodies and would make you look cute and comfortable altogether.

Leather Leggings

Lately, if you have been unable to find an opportunity to flaunt your thighs then this is exactly what you’ll get to flash with these faux leather leggings. They not only make you look flat but also help you flaunt a sophisticated look.

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Crop Tank

Pairing the crop top with leggings is the best option available. The subtle-shimmer will add elegance when heading out to grab drinks with your friends and would garner attention from them.

Long Sleeve Crew

It is comfortable to be worn at the gym. Its classy look makes going from a sweat sesh to streets subtle and sassy.

Exercise Dress

Pair the athleisure dress with a classic jean jacket or sleek bomber to get an effortless and stylish look. It can be worn and headed to the office or even for a day out with friends. You may avail myntra voucher to get hold of trendy exercise dresses.

Besides the elegance and comfort, these athleisure wear impart a subtly sexy look. Every wardrobe needs a versatile athleisure wear, which would perfectly fit your body and would give a designer sporty look.  

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