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5 Reasons Why Adekunle Gold Is A Fashionisto

5 Reasons Why Adekunle Gold Is A Fashionisto

To Me,Adekunle Gold is one of few creative people I know not just for his music but also for his sense of style. His one of few people who not only dress himself but also create his wears, But here are our top five looks of YBNL artist and Sade, Orente crooner:

5: Love the bad boy look even though we all know he is a lover boy judging from his songs that is…its vibrant intense and crazily stylish to top it up the laced biker boots is to die for


4: Don’t you just love it when things fall in place? The Orente King just knows how to make patterns come alive and more so seems like he’s got a talent for combinations…He is just flawless.


3: Accessories are made to draw attention to ones self but the Sade crooner not only does he draw your attention but he makes you love and want to get a hand made African beads and yeah his attention to details is just spectacular.


2:Suits are made to make you look dapper and smart but he makes it looks too easy to rock a blue suit with a lapel made with dyed fabric which gives the suit a whole twist no one does it better.

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1:I just love the combination of  patterns, colors and yeah on those sandals nothing compare to that…pulling that off takes a lot


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