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Uses of Activated Charcoal

Uses of Activated Charcoal

Have you ever heard about activated charcoal? Its getting more popular nowadays, It’s not your usual charcoal, of course, that you use for cooking  It’s one of the ingredients being integrated into a lot of beauty products nowadays, especially skincare, because it has been proven to be good for the skin as it has the ability to draw out dirt and toxins. Aside from being found in skincare and beauty products, activated charcoal can be bought in the form of supplements (capsule) and loose powder as well

Activated charcoal is the normal charcoal which faces some certain process that make it become the very pure charcoal. This activated charcoal will give you many uses that must be beneficial for you. This why it’s different  from the regular charcoal

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Face mask

activated charcoal face mask

Women with oily skin are most prone to blackheads and whiteheads, especially on the nose. One really good way to use activated charcoal is to make a face mask with it to get rid of these blackheads and whiteheads as well as other impurities on your face- just mix it with glue

Clarifying shampoo

If  hair/weave is  being weighed down by product buildup,instead of buying a clarifying shampoo that’s filled with so many chemicals, use activated charcoal instead. Add about half a teaspoon of loose AC to a dollop of your regular shampoo

Whiten your skin

You can buy the scrub made originally by activated charcoal to get the best effect.

Whitening teeth


Activated charcoal can be simply be used to make your teeth whiter because of its ability to bind to toxins and other materials, activated charcoal can help to remove discolorations and stains on the teeth, leaving teeth cleaner and more white than they were before.

Eye shadow

activated charcoal eyeshadow

If you run out of black eyedadow,Just mix a bit of loose charcoal with Vaseline and sweep it on to your lids. You can do the same thing and use the mixture as eyeliner, too, using an eyeliner brush.

Detoxifying body scrub

for a little added extra for your skin, try adding a teaspoon of activated charcoal to your body scrub to help it detoxify your skin

You can use this activated charcoal scrub both before and after you take a bath. The containment of activated charcoal will also make your skin more glowing than ever.

Healing the bite of animals

Yes, the activated charcoal can be used to treat the animals’ bite issue in your body. If you’re bitten by the poisonous animals, activated charcoal can be used to your natural treatment.

This activated charcoal can heal the bite of spider, bee, and snake. Activated charcoal can quickly absorb the very dangerous poison contained in those animals’ bites. This can be the first and easy action to heal this problem if it happens to you or your relatives.

Overdose healing

This activated charcoal can also be used to heal the overdose disorder like medical drugs overdose, morphine overdose, and cocaine overdose.

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