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Acid Wash Jeans

Acid Wash Jeans

Its not every time I like to shoot with my tripod,there’s nothing like having a human being take your pictures, so after getting frustrated,I decided to teach my moms house-help and driver how to use my camera,make use of what you have right? the lessons have been going well,she took these pictures for me,I think she tried

This outfit is an everyday look for me,sweatshirt,nice jeans and comfy heels (usually boots)

IMG_6172 IMG_6148

The front section of my braids have fallen out,I think I bought fake expression(how annoying! after all the hours I spent).Im just tired of this hair game,I considering shaving it all off ( Keyword:Considering)IMG_6231 IMG_6206

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The Jeans are from Konga Get them Here

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