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A Plus-Size Woman’s Guide to Looking Fab in her Prom Dress

A Plus-Size Woman’s Guide to Looking Fab in her Prom Dress

With all too much attention on athletic bodies and starving ones in the public eye these days, there is a common misconception that plus-sized ladies are doomed to not look the part at the prom. Well this rumor needs to be nipped in the bud right now. You see being elegant isn’t about fitting yourself into a smaller outfit; it’s about pulling off your unique sense of style by carrying what you have well. So if you consider yourself a plus-size girl and have been wondering what to wear to this year’s prom night, here are some tips that will help you along the way to finding an outfit that is perfect for you. From accessories and jewelries to the actual dress itself, here is your guide to getting the best look for yourself on prom night.


Avoid brick and mortar stores with a limited selection


We live in a wonderfully digital age where you can get away with purchasing anything from the comfort of your couch. When it comes to buying a prom dress you would think that there would be an exception to this, that the benefits of being able to try on the dress before buying it would outweigh the convenience of buying it online, but there are other reasons to check the web.


Brick and mortar stores have a limitation to the amount of stock they can hang on to, which means that they will likely cater for a limited range of styles since it is expensive and dangerous for them to overstock. Successful websites, however, are able to deal in stock from a much broader range, since they often don’t house the dresses themselves.


Of course this isn’t always the case. A lot of outlets have full online catalogues of dresses that you wouldn’t always be able to find in their stores. For instance when you shop at Peaches Boutique in Chicago, you can use their website to determine what dress you would like, then visit their store to purchase it, or you could place the item in your online shopping cart, make a secure payment and have it delivered to you. Furthermore if you like what you see in their store but can’t seem to find it in your size, you can obtain the product code and search online to see if you can find it.



There’s something out there for everyone


Once you’ve found a store that has the right variety to give you a better choice between prom dresses, you’ll want to find the one that is right for you. Don’t pay any attention to the hype that dictates that tight hugging, revealing dresses are the most appropriate in terms of trends. If you don’t feel comfortable squeezing into a skin-tight gown then don’t do it. There is a fantastic selection of gorgeous outfits which will make you shine:


  • Sherri Hill Dresses


Sherri Hill designs come in a variety of styles that will compliment your body type and complete your unique look. If its elegance you want, their fitted bodice A line dresses embody the very notion of glamour while accentuating your best features. If cute is more your style, then consider the winter formal range which personifies natural and energetic beauty.


  • Mori Lee Dresses


Mori Lee Dresses come in a variety of adorable, elegant and sexy styles which are designed to fit and compliment your body type perfectly to accentuate your best features. They make for the perfect mixture of glamour, comfort and confidence, making their range a fine choice for the prom.  Their tulle skirt ball gowns will make you feel like royalty, a princess right out of a fairy-tale. Or if something a little bolder is what you’re looking for, consider the asymmetrical strap dress, a snug and seductive look that will compliment who you are.

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  • Jasz Couture


The range of gowns and dresses from this designer are all perfect for creating the image of effortless, natural beauty. From flowing gowns that simply embody the image of grace to open back prom dresses that exhume the essence of womanhood, this designer knows what ladies like, and how they want to feel.


A word of caution however, buying prom dresses online can be a little risky if you don’t take adequate care. Be sure and know how to avoid knock off dresses before you start sending your credit card details over the net. Only use trusted websites like the above example, and if you’re unsure, rather don’t go with it.


So isn’t it time to stop worrying yourself to death over what outfits will best suit your body type at the prom this year? You are beautiful, no matter what you tell yourself. So find a dress for this year’s prom that reminds you of who you are, an elegant princess with years of practiced sophistication and style who secretly turns the heads of everyone in the room for various reasons. Follow these tips to find the outfit that is perfect for you by shopping online.


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