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A Guide To Wearing Large Jewellery

A Guide To Wearing Large Jewellery

As you probably know, chunky jewellery is all the rage in 2021, as bold, statement-making jewellery is back with a bang and it is important that you are confident and feel good about your jewellery and other accessories.

Here are a few tips from the designers on how to carry off large jewellery.

  • Start Small – In order to accustom yourself to large jewellery, you should begin with a small version; a medium necklace, rather than a thick, chunky piece. If you shop for silver jewellery online, it’s easy to find a leading silver jewellery store with hand-made creations of all sizes.
  • Choose One Signature Piece – Why not choose a large necklace and wear it with a range of outfits? Chunky jewellery can add rich colour and depth to a look and choosing a signature piece that makes up various outfits.
  • Stay Casual – Some women have the misconception that in order to wear large jewellery, it must be in a formal way; why not put a few casual outfits with your statement jewellery, take some selfies and send them to your best friend. Chunky jewellery works great with denim and sportswear; Google Images will give you some inspiration and there’s nothing wrong with some experimentation, which should lead to success.
  • Go With Your Inner Feelings – If you look in the mirror wearing a chunky necklace and bracelet, listen to your inner voice. If you feel good wearing something, that’s all that really matters and having the confidence to wear statement jewellery will ensure that you pass with flying colours.
  • Shop Online – If you are looking for a range of chunky jewellery, the online jeweller has you covered and you can save 15-20% when you shop online. Google makes it easy to compare products and prices and there are so many online jewellers, you have an unlimited choice. How come the online jeweller can sell at such low prices? They do not have the huge overheads of a jewellery store in a trendy part of town, which means they can undercut their traditional competitor.
  • Be Experimental – You should have an adventurous approach to wearing chunky jewellery. Try a few chunky sterling silver rings, for example. If you don’t possess much large jewellery, the online jeweller is only a few mouse clicks away. You could borrow a few items from a friend and see how you feel wearing them and with some trial and error, you should find the right combination that works for you.
  • Ask A Friend For Her Opinion – It is easy enough to take a selfie and send it to your good friend, asking for her honest opinion, which will give you the confidence to wear the piece. Take note when you are out and about, paying attention to women who wear large jewellery and you will get a cross-section of styles that you might want to follow.

Image Source: Freepik

If the trend is for large, statement jewellery, you should invest in a few chunky pieces and start to experiment with your wardrobe. It pays to be bold and choosing rich colours and textures gives you the perfect backdrop for your statement jewellery pieces.

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