7 Summer Dress Styles You Can’t Live Without

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From the classic white summer dress through polka dots to florals, there’s no limit to your options when it comes to summer dress styles this year. We’ll highlight the main trends, the best styles, and the most flattering silhouettes. You’ll be happy to know there’s lots of crossover going on between the different styles in case you’re having trouble committing to one!

White Summer Dress

Like every other 2019 trend, the white summer dress is starting to gain steam…in fact, it is positively dominating stores and runways. White became popular back in winter, and now it has spread to all dress designs and varieties. Some are fit for the cooler spring, while their breezier brethren are better suited to the high temperatures of summer.

The best combination is between a classic fabric and cut and white, because the color is so unexpected. For an inimitable cocktail look, we suggest a trifecta. However, if you need something more versatile, why not go for a tiered white tassel dress? It’s sleek enough to pair with open-toe boots, but casual enough to wear with your favorite sandals.

White is THE summer color bar none. Its brightness attracts attention, yet it’s a neutral color that will pair well with anything. A simple white frock will lend an air of charming femininity.

Maxi Dress

No summer wardrobe will be complete without a maxi dress this year. These voluptuous, flowing creations are guaranteed to draw all gazes to you. Maxi dresses are incredibly versatile and the number you own needs no limit. They make you feel carefree and graceful. It gets even better with the right accessories, like over-sized sunglasses or a cute oversized bag, which you can read all about in The Fashion Engineer’s piece on the 7 top summer accessories for girls.

The sleeveless maxi is a twist on the classic. It’s especially delightful when it comes with a sash and an above-the-knee slit that will help you survive the heat with effortless sophistication.

For another take on the classic, try a plunge trapeze maxi. This casual style is discretely sexy, with a flowing fabric to draw attention to your curves and a V-neck that shows the exact right amount of cleavage.

A-Line Dress

Among the main summer 2019 runway trends are simple A-line dresses without frills exuding confidence and luxury, with customized tailoring and solid top-quality fabrics. Most choices were in neutral colors, appealing to a more professional and mature audience. However, A-lines can also come in bold, graphic prints – again, no need to limit yourself. The simple, elegant design provides a classic aesthetic without compromising your comfort in hot, humid weather.

Floral Dress

If there’s anything that screams “Summer is here!”, it’s the pretty floral dress. Whether you go for dainty prints or bold statement florals, gorgeous blooms are a favorite among fashionistas and ideal for any summertime event.

You only need to check out New York Dress’ evening floral collections to be convinced. We are enthralled by the strapless, sweetheart shape evening gowns with fitted bodices on offer. The skirt is a sweeping A-line, with a tonal band accentuating the waist. A bold flower pattern is replicated throughout the gowns. This perfect choice for any formal occasion ends with a full length hem.

As mentioned, fresh florals will work for any occasion. For a more casual event, you can’t go wrong with an off the shoulder mini, which will help you transition from day to night with ease.

Camisole Dresses

With temperatures about to go through the roof, light and airy camisole dresses promise to be all the rage. Best described as daytime slips, the camisoles are a distinct trend in the summer of 2019. They are sexy without being revealing or uncomfortably tight and are sure to keep you cool in the heat. They can be long or short and embellished in various ways, for example with a fringe along the bottom. Still, if you won’t feel comfortable in what is by all accounts a nightie, the more conservative version of this style comes with a straight, relatively high neckline. You can go for bolder prints if you choose, like leopard or snakeskin.

Polka Dots

The polka dot dress is a classic, but it’s especially appropriate in summer thanks to its playful, yet elegant nature. The timeless appeal of polka dots is undisputed, which is why the pattern works with all styles, from billowy maxi dresses to dainty slips.

An especially attractive combination is fall tones with polka dots, and it’s one of the biggest trends this summer. You’re guaranteed to stand out if you pick a design with a stylish drop waist.

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Off the Shoulder Shift

Shift dresses are a timeless classic – indeed, they have been in style for almost a century, which few others designs can boast. Flappers wore them back in the roaring 20s! These dresses offer much-needed relief in the summer heat thanks to their loose, free form. You’ll feel great all day (or night) long in one of these.

A lot of major fashion brands introduced a style often referred to as “the single cold shoulder” for the summer 2019 fashion trends. This design shows up on casual options as well as more upscale versions, including striking floor-length dresses.

Midi Dress

The midi is another super-versatile must. This style can manifest in options as diverse as cute satin slips to overall sundresses with big pockets. The latter is perfect if comfort is your top priority. We recommend lightweight woven fabrics to keep you cool in the heat. That aside, you can go for a midi with added button details, smock midi, or something racier, like V front V back.

Midi sundresses with ruched tops and eyelet designs are super trendy this season, ideally in an earthy tone (but not mandatory). This is the ideal look for brunch or a daytime date.

There is no limit to the options at your disposal this summer, especially considering all the possible style combinations. Check out our blog for more dress style ideas! 

Author Bio: Jonah Levine is the Creative Director of NewYorkDress.com. NewYorkDress.com, established in 2008, is the #1 online source for Evening and Prom dresses worldwide. As Creative Director, Jonah works to create the ultimate online and in store luxury shopping experience with a focus on service and personalization.   

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