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Whether moving within or out of Toronto, you look around all your things, and you contemplate how much you are going to spend on trucks and boxes, and you can practically see money leaving your pockets. Moving can be very expensive, and in the light of that, we look to bring you five ways to save on your moving costs.

  1. Don’t buy boxes

The cost moving companies in Toronto such as Cargo Cabbie charge for boxes are costly. The thing is that you are only going to use it once and you can get some boxes for free at your local grocery store, and they work well because of their size and are often made with thicker cardboards which can serve the purpose.

  • Skip the bubble wraps

Bubble wraps are not only expensive and bulky; it is also bad for the environment because it is impossible to recycle. Instead of using bubble wraps, newspapers, towels, and sheets would do just fine for padding items.

  • Move during an off time

You know how flying in Canada is much cheaper on Tuesdays and Thursdays?  The same goes for moving. Most people prefer moving on weekends which makes the moving price higher then. If you want to save cost on moving, then move mid-week where the prices are a little bit lower. If you are using a professional moving company, consider the winter months for moving as rates are always cheaper then.

  • Downsize

About 15 percent of the things we want to take along when moving is of no use to us. Knowing this, you can save money by downsizing your home before moving. Give away appliances and other things that are not useful. When this is done, you can hire a smaller truck, and have fewer trips up and down the stairs which makes the difference for hired movers.

  • Consider a pod

If you do not have a lot of things and want to move long distance, renting a pod is more economical than using a moving truck across the country. Doing this can half the price of a moving company. Pods are small storage containers made of steel, dropped off at your place at a specific date. You load it up, and the company picks the pod back up and either transports it to your new location or stores it for you depending on what you want. A pod is cheaper compared to the amount of money spent on gas alone and other factors.

Bottom line

The cost of moving today is somewhat on the rise bringing forth the need to save cost when moving. These tips are essential for moving, and when followed it could save you a lot of money. It has to be said that not every factor applies to everyone, but irrespective of whatever category you fall, the information provided here can save you a lot of money making moving not only pleasurable but cost-effective.

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