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Private Label Extensions 3D Mink Lashes Review

Private Label Extensions 3D Mink Lashes Review

I received these mink lashes from  Private Label Extensions. They are an Atlanta based hair and mink lash supplier that works with clients to build their own brands.The lashes come unbranded so its prefect for resale,they also sell different textures of hair,closures and frontal and  they can help you with branding.

So you might be asking , what’s so special about Mink lashes? Mink lashes are 100% natural fur, it provides a natural shine, is super lightweight and flexible, gives a feather like look, can be curled like real human hair, and can be worn up to 25 times ( 1 cost $13.50 so if you wear it 15 times on average, you’ll be paying 90 cents per wear) . Most of the regular lashes are made of synthetic fiber, although cheaper, are irritating to the eye, fake and unnatural when worn, and can only be used a few times. Mink eyelashes are considered a premium high end product when compared with synthetic ones. Mink lashes  are a smart investment in any lady’s makeup bag.

These only cost $13.50 and they’re genuine 3D mink lashes! I picked up two styles from, one called Lola and the other called Amelia

Lola Mink Lashes (Get here)

Amelia Mink Lashes (Get Here)

Overall Ill say extremely flexible,very comfortable and very easy to apply.The only con is that it doesn’t have clear bands,I prefer lashes with clear bands,they look more natural

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