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2018 Wedding Ring Trends 

2018 Wedding Ring Trends 

From the ancient Egyptians to the Roman era, historical records reveal that wedding bands have long been seen as the ultimate symbol of lifelong commitment and eternal devotion between couples. What started out as simple bands of gold and silver have evolved over the centuries to incorporate lovely and glamorous stones from all around the world.

Today, brides have a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to their wedding bands, and can easily express their personalities or any other sentiments through this utterly personal possession. If you’re currently searching for your own exquisite wedding band to represent your love then you’ve come to the right place. Below we have a well-curated selection of the most sought-after wedding ring trends of 2018. Some traditional, some unconventional and some are very, very unique.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

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These fancily shaped rings go well with a simpler engagement ring like a halo or solitaire ring. They’re the ideal option to go for if you’ll be adding a colored stone to your band, as they tend to show color and clarity really well, and they’re available in a variety of metals and colors.

These bands are apparently ideal for brides with short fingers as they tend to give the illusion of elongated fingers. Pear shaped rings might be a vintage style, but they are timeless beauties.

Delicate Bands

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For a tastefully elegant look, go for delicate bands. These thin and lustrous bands offer a contemporary flair and are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want too much bling on their finger.

Rose Gold

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Delicate and feminine, rose gold bands are very romantic and go well with yellow or white gold engagement rings. Although they don’t offer too much glamour, they’re enchantingly charming and perfect for anyone who’s looking for something unique and artistic.

Wooden Bands

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This unconventional style is more popular with nature-loving brides and grooms, while to some they represent the longevity of tree roots as a foundation upon which to grow their relationship. Some benefits of wooden rings are that they’re lightweight and definitely do turn heads for that couple who do choose them. However, if you’re into this trend but aren’t sure about the durability of the band, then you can always incorporate it into your traditional metal band by including a wooden inlay.

Twisted Rings

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Twisted rings are a very eye-catching trend whether or not they have a precious stone incorporated into them. Couples often choose this style because it symbolises the interwoven lives of the two individuals who have chosen to come together. In that way, it’s a uniquely designed style that packs a lot of sentimental value, and you can choose to have them in an infinity shape, or even with an upward spiral of colored stones for an out of this world look.


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For those environmentally conscious brides, recycled rings are usually the way to go. This is a rising trend among millennials said Jennifer from hubmalta in a recent interview. These are bands made from recycled materials and thus have very little impact on the environment in terms of their carbon footprint.

Conflict free

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Similarly to recycled rings, conflict free rings are a priority for socially and environmentally conscious brides-to-be. Rings with a conflict free certification are those that have been ethically sourced from manufacturers and mines that use fair trade methods. This is an important factor to consider, as some diamonds and precious metals are mined using brutal methods that devastate entire communities. To determine whether your ring is conflict free, simply request a certification from your jeweller that confirms the ring’s origins, including the date and location of its manufacture.

Five-stone Wedding Bands

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Five-stone rings are usually the best way to add sparkle to the classic and often more expensive, eternity band. With this trend, you can either go for the shared prong setting or a five stone ‘halo’, both options which emphasize the stones while keeping them in place.


There you go, our list of favourite wedding band trends for 2018. Not only are these trends unique, but they each offer a different quality that speaks to different personalities and preferences. We hope that thanks to this list, you’ve been able to narrow down your selection and helped you find your favorite among these different styles.


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