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My Trip To India: Taj Mahal

My Trip To India: Taj Mahal

I was in India recently and I visited one of the wonders of the world – The Taj Mahal

Brief History

The Taj Mahal, which was constructed in 1632 by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, had been initially named ‘Roza-e-Munavvara’ which means Unique Building but was then renamed by Shah Jahan as Taj Mahal as a loving tribute to his wife for whom his love surpassed all belief.

A total of 40 thousand labourers and artisans worked on it continuously for twenty years, the culmination of their work now known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a dream for every loving couple in the world. Despite the fact that there are thousands of monuments in the world that are contemporary to the Taj Mahal and even centuries older, the Taj is thronged by thousands of tourists every day from across the globe, who all come to see this monument, which is known as an epitome of love.

Visiting this place was such a spiritual moment for me, It was a clear representation of how far a man will go when he truly loves you!

Tips on visiting the Taj Mahal

I have put together a few tips that could help you, if you ever decide to visit

  • The Taj Mahal is opened from sunrise to sunset for normal days, It’s closed on Fridays (because of the mosque)
  • Entrance fee is approximately $ 17
  • There’s a bag check so you cant bring snacks (water is allowed)
  • There’s no specific dress code at the Taj Mahal, but try to be a little bit covered up – this applies to India as a whole.
  • As a foreigner, people will stare ALOT and will want to take pictures with you -be nice 🙂
  • You have to take your shoes off to walk around the Taj and in the actual Taj Mahal. We got little feet covers to put over our shoes
  • Photography inside the mausoleum is prohibited, it’s quite dark in there anyways
  • Don’t buy souvenirs as they hike the price up way too high -they were much cheaper at my hotel and in the local markets

Blogger Tip

Bring a camera with you or just use your phone – The photographers there are so pricey, they tried to charge me $100 for only a few pictures.

I wish I got to visit other places like the Agra Fort, Jaipur but I didn’t have much time hopefully I can check them out next time I visit

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