Noble Igwe the king of Nigerian male fashion

The name Noble Igwe carries a lot of weight thats because he is a general and a god when it comes to fashion inspiring not just the average person but celebrity like the boss of YBNL King Baddo Olamide and yeah not forgetting he is also the BOSS of the the popular blog site which trust me is pretty dope. He isnt just a god to us he is also The Perfect Gentleman and here is why:

Has anyone ever looked this dapper on their wedding day? His ability to make things work in his favour and he is one person that knows how to rock colored suits and make them look so easy also picking out the right accessory,but  trust me pulling it off is not easy cause you have to take into consideration of you skin tone. He does know what works for him


I for one really LOVE this outfit basically because is just a work of ART with the crazy world of denim on denim to standout you have to be really creative, the perfect way to accomplish that is the to rock them on different shades and his accessory are just like icing on an already beautiful cake is quite simple but Lord its carries its worth in GOLD, it really takes a PERFECT GENTLEMAN and a god to understand and pull it off



I honestly think this particular picture belongs in a museum and immortalized, put in a golden frame with beautiful art inscribed on it. The picture is just glorious from the traditional IGBO attire (isi Agwu) worn by chiefs combined with the urban footwear by ADIDAS is an explosion



Wearing traditional attire may look simple but its is a daunting task especially if you not from that culture or tradition,not for Noble Igwe who is fearless a complete definition of Mr Capable, he is just simply a mannequin for traditional attires




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