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Review: Nivea men Aftershave balm as a primer

Review: Nivea men Aftershave balm as a primer

The first time I knew about using the Nivea men Aftershave balm as a primer was when Anu wrote about primers here – I did more research and I heard nothing but good things.

The thing is most primers contain the ingredient Glycerin which creates a layer between the skin and the makeup, making it last longer. The Nivea  Aftershave balm  contains this ingredient and it’s in fact one of highest listed ones on the bottle which means it contains a lot of it!

IMG_9323 (2)

I’ve been using it for a while now and I’m very pleased with the results:

It is very lightweight as opposed to milk of magnesia (MOM makes your makeup feel caked)

It is also colourless so great for any skin tone

It really evens out the skin well so it will hydrate patches and even help temporarily fill in fine lines

My makeup lasts all day

Its super affordable – N1400


One thing you might not like is the manly smell –  it lingers for a long time –  but the smell makes my pro list because I’m into masculine scents.

Where to buy

I ordered from HERE,  N 1,400 – Get N3,000 off your order with code FASHENG

Jumia HERE N2,850

Konga  HERE  N2,990

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