Hey peoplezzz!!!!! Hope y’all are having a blessed day….ehen…so i was checking through my favourite bloggers blog (one plus the one) if you follow me on twitter you’d notice that I share her posts alot!! so anyway….she tagged me!!!ME!!! **dancing kaba-kaba** loool…im so honoured 😀

Newaiz for those that don’t know what getting tagged means….hmmm…lets just say its the yankee name for “CATCHER” and if  you dont know what cather is – YOUR CASE IS HELPLESS!!!-KINDLY LEAVE MY BLOG NOW!!!! (jokes) …so you just answer a few questions whoever tagged you asked and choose people you to answer them

Im kinda skeptical in answering these questions oooo….coz i have to be 100% truthful..#ohwell…I promise to tell the whole truth or something that sounds like the truth 😀

so the she asked questions are…..

1. Do you think we’ve met before (off blog-line?)
Ive imagined it plenty times…one time i was at the food court in palms, n im like what if shes here?? (sounds freaky abi)..lool…..but nahh,I dont think we’ve met before 🙁
2. What was the last thing that made you cry?
Ok…im a cry baby!!i cry for everything,even nigerian movies x_X ….but on the real,the last ‘important thing i cried for was because people kept hailing too much and I got scared!!! lets just call it overthinking and FEAR OF THE FUTURE!! (i need to be delivered from them those two ‘spirits’..loool)
3. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done to get the attention of the opposite sex?
AHHHH!! ok i think this is the point i say something that sounds like the truth…looool
4. What’s the best thing someone has done for you that made you go ‘Awwww’?
All the encouraging words i get everyday…it still amazes me when people say ‘OMG i love your blog i check it everyday’ especially people i dont know..sometimes i get teary-eyed #crybaby
5. Have you ever liked a friend’s other half? (Tell the truth :-P)
NAHH!! my friends are in dysfunctional relationships..soooo nahhh…..id pass
(im gonna get massed for saying that btw..loool)
6. What’s the one thing you wish you could do right now?
Swim with a dolphin….i watched that dolphin’s tale movie and now ive developed this sudden love for dolphins 😀
7. Chocolates or Flowers?
CHOR-KO-LATE!!  im not a  goat abeg..hehe!!
8. What languages do you speak?
English and a lil bit of Yoruba
9. How many kids would you like to have?
As many as I can take care of ( I plan to adopt) but as long as i have my twins first(boy and girl) #Godwilling
10. Most embarrassing experience?
I rarely get embarrassed-i just laugh along- but the time i fell into the gutter in amuzement park will top the list…my head was spinnig from all the excitment..how i landed in that gutter is still a mystery to me….i was 5yrs old sha..looong time ago :p
11. If you had to convince me to marry you, what information about yourself will seal the deal?
err…im straight..loool but if u were a guy,id say (dont laugh)
“Marriage nowadays is like watching OGTV for rest of youre life-very BORING- but with me itll be like watch DSTV cause im one HELL’UVA CHICK  and im like a spiro-coco diva,God fearing to the core 😀
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