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Clothing That You Must Have For An Interview

Clothing That You Must Have For An Interview

So, you have made it passed a few phone screenings, and you are ready to visit your potential employer in person for a one on one interview? The whole process can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. With the state of the economy, it can be incredibly hard just to score and interview. So, it is imperative that you not only dress to impress, but you be prepared to the fullest. First impressions and proper attire can make a major difference when it comes to interviewing for different positions, and below you will learn exactly what you need in order to get you prepared for your interview.


Understanding The Dress Code

The first and most important thing is to completely understand the atmosphere that you are going to be working in. The main goal of the whole interview is to make your potential employer to see you as part of the team, and your appearance is the first step in the right direction. So, if you are applying for a door-to-door sales job it probably isn’t a good idea to show up wearing shorts, sandals, and sunglasses.


How To Dress For Business Professional Environments

In most business professional atmospheres a suit is the normal day-to-day outfit. However, not just any suit will suffice, you need a suit that fits. It doesn’t matter how expensive, or how good the suit looks if it doesn’t fit you properly you might as well not even wear it. In this type of environment, it is often times acceptable for women to wear skirts or pant suit, while men can wear the occasional blazer or button down shirt.


Dressing For A Business Casual Environment

When it comes to a business casual environment, you can forget about the suit and go straight to the dress slacks, khakis, button down shirt, or even a polo shirt will suffice. Women, on the other hand, might consider dress pants, a casual dress, or even a skirt will be acceptable. When it comes to shoes for any female, you can never truly go wrong with the qupid shoes, as they go well with just about any style of clothing, and will surely impress your employer.


Dressing For Success In A Casual Environment

Even if you are just interviewing for a casual laid-back office job, it is still best to dress for success. Don’t show up in jeans and flip-flops even though this might be an acceptable form of attire for the job. Save this for when you actually score the job. Khakis with a long sleeved shirt will work fairly well in this type of environment, and women can go with a pencil skirt, or work dress.


Choosing The Right Colors

Wearing the wrong colours to an interview could make you look unprofessional. You definitely do not want to stroll into the interviewer’s office wearing bright pink or orange. Instead, you should switch over to blue or navy blue. Navy blue tends to be the best because this colour inspires confidence and that will help you seal the deal. Orange is the worst colour you could wear. Conservative colours work best. With this in mind, you should stick with black, grey, brown, and of course blue.

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Red can also be a good option. Red will help you display power and strength. Stay away from loud colours and you should be fine!


Manicured Nails

Whether you are going to be interviewing for a professional or non-professional job, you should make sure your nails are well manicured. Now, this does not necessarily mean that you have to visit a nail salon the day before the interview, but only that your nails should be clean and trimmed. The interviewer will definitely take note of your attire and appearance. So, do not take any chances on losing an opportunity to score a good job, just because you do not want to deal with your nails.


Light Perfume

Many job seekers have difficulty deciding whether to wear perfume or cologne. It is perfectly professional to wear cosmetics and perfume, as long as it is utilized in sparse amounts.

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