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Mente de Moda

Mente de Moda

I went for Mente de Moda on Sunday after the taste off event,It was filled with a lot of really cool vendors and I discovered new designers too

IMG_5188 copy Akwa is owned by Male fashion blogger Dozie,check his blog HERE

IMG_5193 copy
IMG_5183 copyIMG_5176 copy Lingerie by Anne Divine 08095506505IMG_5175 copyIMG_5178 copy IMG_5184 copy D
IMG_5241 copy IMG_5240 copy IMG_5235 copy IMG_5227 copy IMG_5231 copy IMG_5243 IMG_5224 copy IMG_5223 copy IMG_5222 copy IMG_5218 copy IMG_5220 copy IMG_5212 copy IMG_5214 copy IMG_5203 copy IMG_5207 copy IMG_5208 copy IMG_5210 copy IMG_5217 copy
IMG_5221 copy IMG_5201 copy IMG_5202 copy IMG_5198 copy IMG_5199 copy IMG_5194 copy mente de moda

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