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Expensive Designer Bags Have Been Replaced and The New Trend Is Way Smarter!

Expensive Designer Bags Have Been Replaced and The New Trend Is Way Smarter!

Gone are the days when ladies used to swear by Louis Vuitton and Prada backpacks. They are no more the “It” bag and the new range of “It” bags are all new series of simple tote and bag packs affordable to even the cash-strapped class. As per the business reports Michael Kors and Coach are some of the splurging brands of handbags. Big brand names have been ditched by millennials too. People are heading towards an all new no branding trend. In fact a no brand name is a style statement in itself. It’s like a new club of fashionistas that’s coming up and they are no more bothered about the brand tag.


The most suitable example would be the new day bucket bag. Its shape is almost omnipresent but its brand and designer name still is not familiar to all. Mansur Gavriel created a wave with this bucket bag which was then mimicked by other bag houses and was an integral part of most of the Instagram account holders. The Business of Fashion had quoted it as the “first post-Recession bag”. Also Mansur Gavriel the founder of bucket bag style was renamed as “the anti-‘It’ bag designers”.

Have you ever thought why we are now OK with the no brand types of tote bags? One of the major reasons is money. As students today are sunk deep in debt, they are heading towards basic and small luxury items. They are now more into stuff that has relatively more staying capacity and is completely worth of every penny spent. A designer logo or name no more fantasizes them. It is no more a status symbol.


Kathy Hwang who is a 29 year old fashion accessory shopper, said to Mic that he thinks the new age millennials are quite price savvy and are more conscious about the cost factor. As per mic the new brigade millenials are no more bother about how people judge them on the basis of apparel and bags that they carry. Hence, quality and product worth is of utmost importance to them.

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“The most essential element that I look in most of the bags is leather quality as leather quality is what makes a bag” said Monica, 24 who also considers the bags strap length and size while buying one. She further adds that she has never spent more than $250 on any of her bags.

To conclude it makes sense to go for reasonably priced bags which offer enough quality and quantity too. As per a survey women prefer fashion houses like Aldo and Zara where bags are priced ranging from $30 to $60. This is the reason most of the bags in trend are canvas tote bags that has created a new wave in Instagram. It definitely has a class and stature of its own in the fashion arena. It fails to flaunt the price you may have spent on it but it is the most ‘in’ trend you can go on board with.

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