The quickest way I do my eyebrows

so  im not going anywhere and i decided to share on the quickest way i do my brows….I use different methods from stencils to eyeshadow or brow powder depending on it im working on a client or the look im tryin to achieve

Note:I said quickest way ooo…so the process is quiet messy..loool


STEP 1: Brush your eyebrows in place with an old toothbrush my eyebrows tho’…so empty!!

STEP 2: Outline your brows following the natural shape OR the shape u want-I LOVE THICK BROWS!! 

STEP3: Fill in the ‘box’ with light strokes using the same pencil- its at this point i would use an eyebrow powder if i wasn’t in a hurry

STEP4: The most important step!!!I use my concealer (2 shades lighter) to define my brows using an angled brush

STEP5: Blend the concealer out!! If you notice it looks like you just tweezed them right??

STEP 6: Brush the brows with a spoolie helps to make it look more natural 🙂

STEP 7:  I use my ELF eyebrow kit -it helps keep my brows in place

STEP 8: I set the concealer with my powder


Hope you like-Ask me questions if you your lost

**Now going to scrub my face**loool

Have a Fantaboulosday people!!

Kisses and Hugs


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