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How Men Can Make A Few Tweaks To Their Look To Start Turning Heads

How Men Can Make A Few Tweaks To Their Look To Start Turning Heads

Everyone has a point in their life where they wish they were attracting more potential mates. Even men that have a significant other do not lose the desire to captivate a room with their good looks. Regardless of the reason a man wants to look better, it is important to know that it is more than possible. This is going to take more work than when you were in your prime if you are a bit older. The ability to lose weight rapidly is one of those aspects that slows as we age as on average a person’s metabolism slows as they get older. Most men are not going to need a complete overhaul of their daily routine but rather just a few tweaks. The following are those small adjustments that a man can make to start turning heads for the first time or the first time in a while.

Line Up Your Facial Hair Daily

There are plenty of people that love beards but a majority of these people like well=kempt beards. If you are going to have facial hair as a part of your look make sure that you keep up with it. Lining up your facial hair daily will only take a minute or two but will keep you looking your best daily. With this being said, there are people that can rock scruff incredibly well so understand if you are part of this segment of the male population.

Quality Jewelry And Accessories

The right piece of jewellery or accessory can bring an entire outfit together as well as exude personal style. Something like gold rings for men can allow you to look classy while bringing flair to a simple outfit. A strong belt game is important as well as this can make nearly any outfit have completely new energy. The right sunglasses can also be perfect and give a guy that cool/relaxed look they were shooting for.

Brighten Your Smile

One thing that people look for is an attractive smile that shines but this takes hard work. Spending extra time on your teeth daily is not enough as certain foods/drinks cause stain on teeth like that of tea/coffee. Whitening strips are an option but make sure to use them as directed as they can damage tooth enamel when used inappropriately. Getting a nice tan can always help a smile look at least a little whiter so this is something to consider.

Get A New Look

There is a chance that you have a look that is outdated, to say the least, whether you are still popping collared shirts or think that parachute pants are still cool. Asking your group of friends that are brutally honest about your style should result in actionable answers. A new look doesn’t always mean dropping large amounts of money especially with the great deals that can be found online. Ditching the sweatshirt for a sports jacket could be that one small tweak you make that starts to turn heads.

Start Hitting The Gym

There are those men that might have gained a bit of weight after being in a long-term relationship or simply stopped exercising. Regardless of what the reason is for gaining weight hitting the gym can work wonders for your look. Men look bad when clothes are too small on them due to excess weight rather than wearing smaller sizes to pronounce muscle size. Write out a regimen for your first month by what you want to do daily and stick to this. Getting into the routine of hitting the gym can be tough but it is possible! Finding a workout partner should be done as this will allow you to push yourself as well as get you to the gym on days you have no desire to lift weights. Varying your workout routine between cardio, weights, interval training, and anaerobic workouts will yield incredible results!

Eating Right Can Improve Multiple Areas

Eating right will not just do wonders for your body composition but it can help parts of your look. The right diet can allow for great hair as well as skin health to be as good as possible. These two areas also require maintenance so examine your diet if both are not up to your standard. Eating right during the week can allow for a great cheat day on weekends so this does not mean you cannot indulge in your guilty pleasure at all! Cutting out things like alcohol or soda can make an immense difference in caloric intake as well as sugars consumed.

A few tweaks can be all it takes to start turning heads as you did during your prime. Create a checklist of your look where you can improve it. Create a strategy to do so and stock to it! Your confidence will be sky-high knowing you are looking your best!

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