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Fashion Photography: Tribal Lines by Ayo Akinwande

Fashion Photography: Tribal Lines by Ayo Akinwande

Visual storyteller Ayo Akinwande has a gift for capturing the spiritual in every scene. In this series, ‘Tribal Lines’ the female energy produces a radical contrast to the industrial setting. The subjects embody feminine grace, elegance and power elevating the environment in which they stand. His works create art which speak to the history of the nation which has seen tribes move in to the city to broaden their horizons and cultural experiences. And yet, they have maintained their individuality, their essential tribal history and identity not only in their clothing and jewelry but in their very essence. While the black and white images accentuate the texture and lines that shape the city’s expansion, the coloured images reflect the city’s vibrancy and the energy that makes Lagos a unique urban space.
IMG_0296 copy IMG_0223 copy Ayo Akinwande IMG_0218 copy IMG_0120 IMG_0219 copy IMG_0124 copy IMG_0150 copy IMG_0221 copy
Location: Lagos, Nigeria 
           Janet Otobo (@saphiire007)
  Blessing Williams (@blairssingwilliams)
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