Events: Redefinition 2013

The pictures are alot!!! Was gonna post in parts but I changed my mind…

This year’s edition tagged “INTERNATIONALE”, featured a theme battle where the designers represent different countries…the designers this year were ;





A Rudolf, ( the winner of the theme battle)

St Nightingale

Nenzi’s Couture,

Kofo Jomo & Royan Moore,


Taiwo Richards

Jache Ramone

Black Gray

Dami Clothing


Toju Mone

Patch Nivaro

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IMG_8811 copyIMG_8745 copyIMG_8756 copy IMG_8763 copyIMG_8768 copy

U-AXISIMG_8786 copyIMG_8789 copy IMG_8792 copy IMG_8793 copyIMG_8794 copy IMG_8795 copy IMG_8800 copyIMG_8804
IMG_8812 copy IMG_8826 copyA.RUDOLF
IMG_8832 copy IMG_8836 copy IMG_8838 copy IMG_8841 copy IMG_8845 copy IMG_8853 IMG_8854 copy IMG_8855 copy IMG_8856 copy
IMG_8859 copy IMG_8861 copy
IMG_8865 copyIMG_8867 copy IMG_8869 copy Nenzi CoutureIMG_8871 copy IMG_8874 copy IMG_8887 copy

Kopho jomo and Ryan MooreIMG_8891 copy IMG_8894 copy IMG_8897 copy IMG_8899 copy IMG_8902 copy IMG_8908 copy IMG_8933 copy IMG_8934 copy IMG_8939 copy IMG_8940 copy

Marianne IMG_8941 copy IMG_8943 copy IMG_8946 copy IMG_8948 copy IMG_8957 copy IMG_8958 copy IMG_8959 copy IMG_8966 copy IMG_9009 copy IMG_9012 copy IMG_9013 copy IMG_9025 copy IMG_9026 copy IMG_9031 copy IMG_9035 copy IMG_9038 copy IMG_9043 copy IMG_9046 copy

THEME BATTLEIMG_9061 copy IMG_9073 copy IMG_9076 copy IMG_9077 copy IMG_9078 copy IMG_9081 copy IMG_9084 copy IMG_9086 copy IMG_9091 copy IMG_9095 copy IMG_9099 copy IMG_9100 copy IMG_9104 copy IMG_9105 copy IMG_9109 copy IMG_9111 copy IMG_9113 copy IMG_9114 copy IMG_9117 copy IMG_9121 copy IMG_9124 copy IMG_9128 copy IMG_9130 copy IMG_9135 copy IMG_9136 copy IMG_9139 copy IMG_9144 copy IMG_9146 copy IMG_9147 copy IMG_9150 copy IMG_9154 copy IMG_9156 copy IMG_9159 copy IMG_9164 copy IMG_9169 copy IMG_9170 copy IMG_9172 copy IMG_9176 copy IMG_9186 copy

THEY SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST COZ WHEN THE CYRIL BRYAN MODELS CAME  OUT,IT WAS JUST MAHHHHDDD!! loolIMG_9195 copy IMG_9196 copy IMG_9197 copyIMG_9208 copy IMG_9210 copy IMG_9211 copy IMG_9212 copy IMG_9215 copy IMG_9218 copy IMG_9252 copy

So which pieces do like?

P.S Thatsewnaija  ( click to visit) blog is having a swe along exercise so if you want to learn how to sew, do visit it 😀

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